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Why Choose Us

Commitment to Quality:

  • We are dedicated to meeting service recipients’ needs through a client-oriented approach combined with compassionate care.

Individual’s Rights to Choose:

  • To establish their own choices
  • To be active in their community
  • To receive quality services
  • To be safe from abuse, neglect, and exploitation
  • To have access to multiple support services

Our residential facilities are affordable, well maintained and are located in quiet neighborhoods

Our employees are compassionate & well trained and supervised

  • We are dedicated to meeting service recipient needs through individual-oriented approaches combined with compassionate care.
  • The work environment shall be free from discrimination and/or harassment and all employees are treated fairly and equally without regard to their race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin.

We provide excellent services to individuals with developmental disability and to the elderly.

  • We aim to support, facilitate, and advance the individual rights of each person we serve.


Our Team

  1. Founder/CEO: Dr. Margaret T. Mmbaga
  2. Executive Director:– Thomas Mmbaga JD
  3. Financial Accounting:–Dr. Nick Mmbaga
  4. Human Resources:
  5. Quality Assessment:
  6. Medical/Health Management:
  7. Elderly Care Unit:


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Pauline & Thomas Healthcare, Inc mission is to support intellectually disabled individuals.

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