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Our Team

Founder/CEO: Dr. Margaret T. Mmbaga. Dr. Mmbaga, is primarily an Educator with 30 years of experience in teaching and scientific research. Dr. Mmbaga obtained her PhD from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and has been awarded more than $3 million competitive grants to fund her area of interest. Much of Dr. Mmbaga’s energy has also gone into raising her three children as a single parent and she prides herself as a humanitarian; she strongly believes that meaningful life has to include compassion for others. Dr Mmbaga is a Founder of Pauline and Thomas Healthcare Inc.

Executive Director:– Thomas Mmbaga JD. Mr. Thomas Mmbaga majored in African-American studies obtaining his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia. Thereafter, he obtained his degree in law at the University of Tennessee. As Executive Director of Pauline and Thomas Healthcare Inc., he oversees all company activities endeavoring successfully to make the best possible use of scarce resources in a highly labor-intensive domain while ensuring the best possible quality of home care for the company’s service recipients.

Financial Accounting:–Dr. Nick Mmbaga Dr. Mmbaga attended undergraduate studies at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), receiving a B.A in Business Administration with a concentration on Business Finance. He obtained a MBA at Belmont University with an emphasis on Healthcare management and a PhD at the University of Tennessee with a focus on Business Entrepreneurship. Dr. Mmbaga sat as a senator for the college of business in the Student Government Association and held office as treasurer in Financial Management Association at MTSU. In addition to overseeing the company accounting, Dr. Mmbaga undertakes quarterly self-assessment of the company quality of service.

Human Resources: Hiring, background checks and training.

Quality Assessment: IDD Quality Assessment and Incident Management and Elderly Care Quality Assessment:

Medical/Health Management: Manage medical needs of individuals served such as making doctor appointments, filling prescriptions and follow-ups.

Elderly Care Unit: Project Coordinator, Quality Assurance Manager

Our Team

  1. Founder/CEO: Dr. Margaret T. Mmbaga
  2. Executive Director:– Thomas Mmbaga JD
  3. Financial Accounting:–Dr. Nick Mmbaga
  4. Human Resources:
  5. Quality Assessment:
  6. Medical/Health Management:
  7. Elderly Care Unit:


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Pauline & Thomas Healthcare, Inc mission is to support intellectually disabled individuals.

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