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Pauline & Thomas Healthcares, Inc provides the essential support to improve service recipient’s quality of life by establishing a setting where individuals with Intellectual Disability (ID) are active participants within the community. While the  agency has accomplished small steps in its large mission it continues to encounter many challenges.  One of the challenges the organization faces is to continue the quality, that make its service special. This includes the ability to maintain skilled healthcare staff, provide quality residential homes and necessary medical services for individuals with (ID) in a time period where state rates continue to decrease. Pauline & Thomas Healthcare has been able to accomplish one of its initial quality goals and that is to reach the highest tier of quality service provided. Pauline & Thomas received an exceptional performance on its most recent state mandated Quality Assurance Survey. Pauline & Thomas Healthcare, Inc is proud to say the organization was only able to accomplish this feat by the hard work of its dedicated employees, substantial support efforts from all service recipients support agents and the continuous assistance from the Middle TN regional office of the Division of Intellectual Disabled Services.

Our Team

  1. Founder/CEO: Dr. Margaret T. Mmbaga
  2. Executive Director:– Thomas Mmbaga JD
  3. Financial Accounting:–Dr. Nick Mmbaga
  4. Human Resources:
  5. Quality Assessment:
  6. Medical/Health Management:
  7. Elderly Care Unit:


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Pauline & Thomas Healthcare, Inc mission is to support intellectually disabled individuals.

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