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Q. Where is your office(s) located?
A. 610 West College, St Murfreesboro, TN 37130

Q. How can I work for Pauline & Thomas Healthcare, Inc?
A. There are two options for candidates to receive an employment application. Option one; candidates can pick up an employment application either by downloading it online or picking one up at our office.  Option two, candidates can download an application by logging on to the website, then by clicking on the join us link on the homepage or by double clicking the careers tab on the website. 
Candidates have three options to send an employment application to our HR office.
1. Candidates can drop an application off at our office.
2.  Candidates can fax a copy to our office (615)-896-8231, please attention to: HR
3. Candidates can email a copy to

Q. What services do Pauline & Thomas Healthcare provide?
A. The company offers a wide range of services including Supported Living, Adult Mental Retardation Habilitation, Respite Care and Personal Assistant services. The company’s mission is to provide a full range of health care services, designed to increase the independence and functionality of all our clients.

Q. What kind of healthcare company is Pauline & Thomas Healthcare, Inc?
A. Pauline and Thomas Healthcare, Inc is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation, and is licensed by the state of Tennessee’s Division of Intellectual Disabilities Services to provide services in Tennessee. The mission of the company is to teach and promote independence to increase the quality of life for all individuals in need of service.

Q. When was Pauline & Thomas Healthcare, Inc Founded?
A. 2008

Q. Where does the name Pauline and Thomas come from?
A. Pauline and Thomas are the names of the mother and father of the founder/CEO of the company, Dr. Margaret Mmbaga. Pauline and Thomas Nguluma raised 9 children in the African village of Usangi, Tanzania. Coming from humble backgrounds, they had the dream of impacting the world through service.  While location limited their outreach, they have been able to inspire philanthropic action and humanitarian efforts through their children.  The children of Pauline & Thomas have grown to be Doctor’s, Professors, Healthcare Professionals, Engineers, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, and Philanthropist and now the grandchildren of Pauline and Thomas Nguluma continue to work on their grandparents dreams.

Our Team

  1. Founder/CEO: Dr. Margaret T. Mmbaga
  2. Executive Director:– Thomas Mmbaga JD
  3. Financial Accounting:–Dr. Nick Mmbaga
  4. Human Resources:
  5. Quality Assessment:
  6. Medical/Health Management:
  7. Elderly Care Unit:


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Pauline & Thomas Healthcare, Inc mission is to support intellectually disabled individuals.

Pauline And Thomas Healthcare. 610 West College Street Suite 170, Murfreesboro, TN 37130

Phone: (615) 896 8231 Fax: (615) 896 8232. Email:

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